Mia Devon Owen

ENG 317: Assignment 2

About me...

I'm currently a full-time student studying English Rhetoric & Professional Writing and General Psychology. I'm in my junior year at NCSU and plan to graduate next winter.

Career Aspirations

Following my undergraduate studies, I would like to pursue a career in marketing, specifically brand advertising or public relations. I also plan to acquire my MBA with a concentration in marketing after a few years of work experience.

While this is the career plan I'm primarily aiming towards, I've also had an interest in studying corporate law, which is still an option I'm considering.

I've always had an interest in various aspects of rhetoric and design, but I especially love to learn about topics related to journalism, marketing, and scientific or technical writing.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Indoor Gardening/houseplants - pictured are a couple favorites from my little collection!
  • Books - nonfiction, psychological thrillers, & various genres
  • Hiking, tennis, & weight training
  • Decorating/organizing - does this count? I feel like I'm constantly working to make my apartment prettier!
  • Photography
  • Video Games - a guilty pleasure; currently addicted to Valorant & replaying Breath of the Wild, though a long-time favorite is playing the Smash Bros. series with friends.

I'm also a Chi Omega, so (pre-Covid) I spent a lot of my time on philanthropy and community service work, sisterhood events, functions with other organizations, etc. Click here to learn about our chapter and campus involvement, as well as some of our contributions to our main philanthropy, Make-A-Wish!